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Friday, February 19, 2010 @ 4:26 PM

Ask me anything
Monday, February 15, 2010 @ 7:53 PM

Ask me anything

master crafter
Sunday, June 28, 2009 @ 7:59 PM

Sorry for the absence of posts...i'm finally settled in nyc...livin it and lovin it!
I promised I'd keep everyone updated on the status of Artpentry and it looks like my friend back home has been quite busy!

To all you suave ones, here is the Gentleman's Boombox. I must admit, it's nothing short of amazing. Tell me you all don't want one of those hanging around in your living room...I know I do. The Gentleman's Boombox is made from vintage trunks, suitcases, and reclaimed speakers to create the classiest speaker known to man. It’s for the cultured Hip Hop aficionado on his grown man business. They all have iPod hook-ups, internal subwoofers, volume control and the ability to upgrade your style tenfold.

Stop by the Artpentry and get your very own boombox and why not pick up a wooden beard or two on your way out. What's for Artpentry in the future? Floyd plans on the continuous master-minded work and will plan to provide display space for other artists. He hopes to get into more collaborations as well as getting involved in events. An idea of classes and workshops for people who wanna get into the things that go on at Artpentry is an idea in the works. So there ya go..get at it! How & When? The second Friday of every month as part of the Chicago Arts District monthly gallery walk at 1827 South Halsted

Missed you all!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009 @ 9:51 PM

I found that the greatest thing about working at my salon has been our focus on keeping our space as artistic and creatively conducive as possible. Recently, we have been interchanging artist’s works to display throughout our salon every other month or so. This month we have work displayed by a beautiful artist by the name of Jesy Grose who I had the pleasure of getting to know a little about.

Growing up in an encouragingly self expressive home near Rockford IL, Grose spawns from all things artistic. Her great grandfather, a born entertainer in Vaudeville, her grandfather a model builder, and cousin, an amazing artist inspiring her at a young age saying “Your dreams could happen if you want it bad enough.” By creatively feeding off the people who filter in and out of her life, Jesy’s emergent style is quite distinct as she uses different windowpanes as her canvas. Jesy’s major goal as an artist is to make people happy. Judging by the amount of praise and traffic coming through the salon to enjoy her works she is well on her way to a successful life as a Chicago artist.

To learn more about Jesy Grose’s art you can email her at or stop into Art and Science Salon Lincoln Park to check out her art work for yourself.





rainbow arabia
Tuesday, June 9, 2009 @ 9:46 AM

super cool married couple from echo park created a super cool band.....

i wanna put that lil girl werewolf in my pocket



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Drill, Coin, Dremel, Ring
Friday, June 5, 2009 @ 12:22 PM

I have been making mass jewelry lately and came across a pretty quick and easy, do it yourself, at home ring project to share with you.

1. Find quarter from 1964 or earlier. These coins were 90% silver.

2. Tap the coin down to a smaller diameter while widening the edge. Hold the coin on its edge between your thumb and finger and tap it with a hammer against a hard surface for about fifteen minutes. Tapping too hard or rushing this process will cause the ring to be deformed.

3. Carefully drill a hole through the center. Using a Dremel tool, widen the hole and smooth out the the roughness.

4. Wedge it back onto a drill bit with some cloth for padding on the inside. Slowly spin the ring, this time on the polishing compound on a clean rag and it should be ready to wear.

How to Make A Ring Out of A Coin

Do It, To It!

<3 peace



Thursday, June 4, 2009 @ 10:52 PM

PURE AMAZINGNESS. Im sure some may have seen this and some may not, but I want to introduce you the shoe of my dreams right now.


These shoes were part of CHANEL'S 2009 cruise collection.
They come in white, black, and silver. Platform sandal in statin on 90 mm gun heel, designed by Laurence Decade for Chanel.
Yes, Madonna also wore these at her "Fifth & Wisdom" NYC premier.

Yours Truly,


Tuesday, June 2, 2009 @ 3:11 PM

so i went to the most random house party last night, and met a bunch of awesome people that i've never seen before. one of the those awesome people was a girl named karen. she had the best music selection in her zune. one of the bands she put me up on was this awesome canadian indietronica band called Woodhands.

here is a video for their song " I wasnt made for fighting"

this video is badass and the song makes me wanna dance!! google them and enjoy


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My rock band dreams have been answered...
11:40 AM


As much as I enjoy rockin out as my edgey rockband character with 'thug life' tattooed on her torso.... this. will. be. EPIC! It's going to bring my beatle's mania to a whole nother level. The game is rumored to have songs of every album from their first, 'Please Please Me', to their last recorded, 'Abby Road'. My favorites are Rubber Soul & Sgt. Peppers so I hope they include a ton of songs from those albums.

The game will have scenes from some of the Beatles most historial venues like The Cavern Club, Shea Stadium, The Ed Sulivan Show, and Abby Road Studios. OMG! I can barely contain myself!!


In addition to the game, they will be releasing four new instrument peripherals modeled after those the ones used by The Beatles members themselves. These include a Rickenbacker 325 guitar, a Gretsch Duo Jet guitar, a Höfner bass, and a Ludwig drum set.

Check out the debut video below.... September 9, 2009...start the count down!!


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Chicken or the Egg
Saturday, May 30, 2009 @ 10:37 AM

There is a very powerful scene in the film “Henry and June" (about Henry Miller the writer, his wife June Miller, and Anais Nin the writer) where everything begins to unravel after June screams to Henry "You just want experience. You're a writer. You make love to whatever you need." From here their respectably established roles all at once are played out, stripped, swapped, dropped, exposed, switched, regained, etc, etc. Everyone is honest, lying, the victim, the manipulator, and all of these conflicting emotions are actually being felt genuinely. How is this possible? The only answer is that it just seems to be the nature of the artist and the muse relationship.

The relationships of Henry, Anais, and June is especially interesting and telling of the confusing nature of the artist-muse relationship because the two artists (writers) perceive the same muse, June, in two very different perspectives which lead to a creation of two very different literary characters. All the while Henry and Anais also are powerless to June under different circumstances leading up to and after the creative process. June's expectations and needs too vary for the two. And throughout it all there are no clear boundaries or sensibility in the dynamic that at times is explosive creatively and beautifully while at other times explosive in the ugliest ways.

June Miller

Artist and muse dynamic has always been something I’ve been intrigued by. It is an intricate and delicate relationship that never is simply what it seems to be, what it ought to be- one that inspires and one that is inspired, then both benefit, grow, and compliment one another with the most beautiful and satisfying results (consistently and continuously) may it be a piece of art work, song, poem, or a book.

The lines often are blurred. The role, also. Is it that the artist takes because he/she is in power and the muse gives because he/she gives up power. Or the artist relays because he/she is powerless while the muse is powerful and controls. Could it ever be equal? A partnership? As with most things in life balance seems to be the most difficult thing to find in this relationship. And when a product (painting, song, poem, or story) is presented is it to satisfy only the artist, only the muse, ideally both but how easily is this achieved? Is it possible? The artist is selfish to portray and steal from the muse what he/she only wishes to while the muse is vain and self-important expecting to be portrayed as his/her fantasy self. For both to be satisfied the process seems masturbatory for both parties and if both are dissatisfied, completely volatile and destructive and even worse, wasteful.

Andy Warhol and Edie Sedgwick

Ultimately I believe that since it is the artist who has the creative power with it, also holds the responsibility. But the artist temperament often gives little room for maintaining full control. Is it then always one the master and the other the slave where neither ever stays as one and the role changes without clear boundaries that can ever be set? At any moment the power can shift, there never seems to be stability. But this may be what drives it. Those that create and those that want to be at the heart of it, perhaps can not exist in stability or wish to.

Picasso and Dora Maar

It should be known that though June made an unforgettable impact on Henry Miller and Anais Nin both personally and creatively, eventually she no longer was their muse, yet they continued to write and thrive in their writer identity with other influences and inspiration. As with cases of many artists/writers (Picasso, Warhol, name any artist) for a period there was a muse, then the next period, another.

There are no losers or winners. However, perhaps one of us knows something the other does not. Then I wonder, is calling a love lost a muse a self-defense mechanism on the part of the artist to brush it off and declare "I only did it for my art."

To be honest I don't know which it is. Or who has the power. Sometimes I desperately wish I knew. But then I remember, who cares, go create and be thankful for everything that comes your way that touches you.



Recommended reads-

Tropic of Cancer Henry Miller (includes character inspired by June Miller, whom she despised the portrayal of)
Henry and June Anais Nin (diary written during the period heavily influenced/moved by June)

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